Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH)
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(Kaohsiung, Taiwan)

Situated just a short drive from the city centre, Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) is home to many popular car rental agencies. Driving from the airport to destinations downtown and farther afield around Taiwan is an uncomplicated affair for most visitors.

Roads close to Taiwan's Kaohsiung Airport include Kongfong Road and Jhongan Road on the northern side, Gaosong Road to the east, and Feiji Road to the south. Consequently, car hire here is popular and the airport caters for the demand for rental cars with a good selection of car hire companies. Big international names are absent, but reliable domestic companies are represented.

Car Rental, Driving and Parking in Kaohsiung

Driving around Taiwan is without doubt a great way to reach destinations all over the island. Close to Kaohsiung, popular spots include Feng-shan to the east, Ta-shu to the north-east, and Nan-tzu to the north. Central Kaohsiung is well laid out as blocked grids and the city's main roads are long, wide and fast. Always be on the lookout for locals riding motorbikes and scoooters, who enjoy weaving in and out of the traffic, even when there is barely enough room to squeeze by.

Several large car parks can be found around central Kaohsiung, close to the port, and near to many of the city's main hotels. Be sure to only ever park in designated areas and always purchase the necessary parking ticket or permit, to avoid being towed to one of Kaohsiung's car pounds.

Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) Car Rental Companies

The following car rental outlets have representatives at Kaohsiung Airport:

  • Duengsen Minibus-Rent
  • Geshang Car-rental Limited
  • Heyuen
  • Shangyuen Minibus-Rent
  • Minibus-rent Limited
  • Siiaoma Car-Rent
  • Taiwan United Corporation Company

Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) Car Rental

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Kaohsiung Airport KHH

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